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Leah "Student Fantasy"

4K 10:05 25th Aug 2016

STUDENT FANTASY by LEAH My name is Alexis, better known as Lex. I’ve just turned 18 this past week, and I’m pretty tall for my age at 5”8. I have auburn hair that rests nicely atop my C cup tits and hazel eyes. Although I’m only 18, I’m a very sexual person and I always tend to go for people much older than me – almost always teachers. But, obviously, doing anything with a teacher is illegal. We’ve flirted back and forth before but that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten. So you could imagine my surprise when a beautiful young woman made her way into my Art class and she wasn't a teacher. She was a student teacher - or rather a 20 something year old student from the city’s university interested in teaching, but not yet legally a teacher. She had shoulder-length light brown hair and the tips were dyed a faded red to the point it almost looked pink, her eyes were big and blue and her lips matched her faded red/pink hair. When I first met her, she was wearing a deep blue skinny jeans, black chunky heels and a dark red plaid top that accentuated her boobs, which seemed too big for a C cup, but too small to be D’s. I walked into the classroom one Friday, and there she was. I felt like a hot mess next to her in my short navy tartan skirt, white button up shirt, ripped stockings and boots. “Who’s that?” I immediately asked my teacher, Mr. Callum, as I sat down. “That’s the student teacher, Miss Rose.” She smiled the prettiest smile I’ve seen in my life and I sank into my chair. Over the next few weeks, nothing really happened. Ms. Rose seemed pretty quiet and shy and actually had a bit of trouble controlling our rowdy class. She seemed like an innocent, shy woman until one day mid-Autumn… We were working on clay models; modeling after some artist I can’t remember. My friend Danni knew I had a crush on the student teacher, and would give me looks whenever Miss Rose and I interacted. I was busily carving away at my piece when she came up behind me. “How is it coming along?” she asked sweetly. I was digging into the side of the clay with my tool, not paying attention but rather shooting daggers at Danni with my eyes. She was trying her best to hold in her laughter while I went red. “Umm, it’s alright. I guess I’m a bit rough,” I replied sheepishly, realizing that I had carved a really jagged edge into the side of my model. And I kid you not, she replied back with the softest voice, “That’s okay, its better when it’s rough,” ran her hand along the back of my hair and left. Well what the hell was I supposed to do with that? When class ended, as usual I was left to do the cleaning up. The other kids in my art class were lazy as hell and literally didn’t do a thing when it came to packing up. So there I was after the bell, cleaning off sculpting tools when Mr. Callum said, “Hey, Lisa I’ll be back I’m just getting lunch. Are you okay here?” “Yep,” I heard her reply, and with that we were alone. I turned my back to her in sudden shyness. Like I mentioned before, I am a very sexualized person and the last thing I lack is confidence. But something about Miss Rose made me weak. I pretended to keep cleaning the clay tools but we both knew they were done. So she walked up behind me – her heels clicking on the floor – and leant forward on the bench next to me. “Do you need some help putting those back in the storage room?” She kept her eyes locked on mine until I nodded. She smirked and grabbed a box, heading towards the storage room. The storage room was connected to the back of the classroom; a small closed off room filled with shelves, cupboards and a table. I followed her in and she turned on the light. Before I knew it she had dropped the box of tools on the ground with a loud smash and crashed her lips onto mine – throwing her arms around me. My hands gave way underneath the box in shock, and it too fell with a smash. I immediately returned the kiss, softly moving her hair back behind her ears. She softly nudged me towards the table and sat me down on the edge, lining my lips with her tongue. I allowed her tongue entrance as it fought for dominance over my mouth. Her breath was heavy against me. “Take this off,” she muttered, tugging at my shirt hungrily. I began unbuttoning the shirt, but eventually became too impatient and ripped it away, revealing my black bra with the tiny bow. She stood back and seemed to like what she saw. “Cute,” she commented, smiling. I kicked off my boots and she continued to unravel my tights down my legs. I went to slip off my skirt but she stopped me. “Uh uh,” she said, almost breathless. “Leave that on, it’s hot!” She then opened her shirt to reveal a white lace bra, and removed the rest of her clothes to show her black panties underneath. “You’re so fucking hot,” I told her honestly. We continued to hold each other close, kissing passionately as our hands explored each other’s bodies. I ran my hand across her firm tits, and fumbled at her back trying to undo her bra, while she went slid her hand under my skirt. I finally unclasped the bra and was treated to beautiful round full tits with the pinkest nipples. No sooner was I taking one of her tits between my lips than was pulling aside my panties and running her fingers up and down my slit. I shuddered into her and continued to massage her tits in my hands. I ran my hand down her flat stomach and ran my fingers softly over her panties, which had a small wet patch on the center. I slid my hand down her front into her panties and began pumping two fingers in and out of her wet pussy. “Fuck,” she gasped as I entered her. She worked her finger faster on my clit and began pushing her hips against me as I fingered her. We began to grind with our hands in each other’s panties, thrusting vigorously through moans and sighs. Suddenly she grabbed my hand, moving it away from her, and she dropped to her knees. She pulled off my completely soaked panties and ran her tongue across my clit. “Fuck me!” I shivered, my body rolling with pleasure. I looked down to see her working away on her own pussy as well as my own. This sent me over the edge. “Oh, fuck,” I groaned. “I’m going to cum!” I sighed loudly. “Excuse me!” Everything stopped. Mr. Callum was standing in the doorway of the storage room, not looking very impressed. THE END!


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